ME Elecmetal is proud of the values which underpin its culture and define how it acts and relates to others, and how it always seeks out honesty and correctness in all its practices.

Therefore, to maintain and protect the highest possible standards of business ethics and integrity throughout all types of transactions and interactions, this Whistleblower Channel - developed by the Fundación Generación Empresarial, a non-profit organization based in Chile - has been made available to its customers, suppliers, advisors, collaborators, and shareholders. Its objective is to provide a means to report for those who become aware of any activity that could imply an infraction or violation of any national law or regulation and / or the principles established in the internal policies of the company. Through the channel, whistleblowers are able to report in a secure, confidential, and anonymous manner, so that their report can be analyzed and resolved based on the information provided.

The employees of ME Elecmetal have the responsibility and commitment to report any infraction they may observe in any area related to the work of the company. Customers and suppliers are also highly encouraged to report any wrong doings of ME Elemectal's employees while conducting business with them.


This Whistleblower Channel is NOT an emergency service.

Do not use this service to report events that pose an immediate threat to property or life. The reports filed through this service do not receive an instant response because they require a high level of analysis.


The use of this page, as well as the submission of reports through it, implies agreement with the terms and conditions detailed in the "ME Elecmetal Reporting Guide." We recommend you read it carefully, as it specifies your rights and obligations regarding any operation related to this website.

This platform has been developed by the Fundación Generación Empresarial (Chile) at the request of the ME Elecmetal Group with the purpose of encouraging, facilitating and communicating reports regarding activities which are illicit or contrary to the Law, and to which our customers, suppliers, advisors, employees, shareholders and other relevant interest groups to the ME Elecmetal Group may be exposed.